Anna Peicott and Jen Upton are the co-founders of The You Are Movement.  Jen is employed as a mental health clinician and Anna has extensive experience in the suicide prevention field.   They have become close friends over the past four years.






A somewhat unlikely friendship, we were brought together by our shared experience: our boyfriends died by suicide. Our losses occurred just four years apart, where our mutual friend recognized our commonality and had us connect in the hopes that we could help each other.

Grief is an unbelievably complicated and messy process, but what we realized over the past four years was that our shared experience and support from someone who “got it” and “lived through it” helped tremendously. We each thought things were never going to get better, and we each got angry when people told us it would [we told you grief was messy and it doesn’t often make any logical sense!] Our friendship has changed over the years, from rapid fire emotionally driven texts, to suicide prevention conferences, and now working on the development of our own movement.

We often say to each other “I hate why we're friends, but I’m glad that we are”. 


The development of this movement is simply an extension of our dedication to provide people with the opportunity that we gave each other; to receive support from someone who is going through or who has gone through a similar experience to your own. Through education, storytelling, and conversation starting merchandise we aim to break down the judgements that are associated with mental health challenges, suicide, substance abuse, and any other struggles people may be dealing with because, let's be honest, the struggle IS real--- but together we can heal!