Meet Christopher

Meet my son Christopher Lee Manross. Born on May 10th 1990, died May 20th 2008.

I would like you to meet  my child through my eyes. A beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed boy. He was gentle, kind, so sweet, loving, funny and extremely intelligent. Chris always amazed me with his request for help with homework. Before I could even help him he would say "I'm Done". That made me laugh.

Meet Christopher- Great at every sport he was involved in. He was the youngest of our Children to receive his black belt in Karate. So good that he Won the title of national jr olympic champion at the tender age of 8.He excelled in wrestling and you can find his story on his school website. Irmo High school wresterler's, Irmo SC.


Meet Christopher- He loved his religion. I taught his ccd class a few times.  He  would always raise his hand when I asked questions. I told my little boy that I had to call on the other kids so they didn't think I was playing favorites. I used to call him my lil Priest.

Meet Christopher-A loving son, brother, grandson and friend. Un diagnosed with a Mental illness, he had Demons of which he could only know.

Meet Christopher- He was offered an academic ride to Clemson University in Clemson SC. For those that don't know this is a very elite school. Known for it's engineering program in which Chris wanted to pursue.

Meet Christopher- 10 days shy of graduating from HS, Christopher had a plan to end his life. At 4:00pm on a Tuesday a call came in from his youngest  brother. He said chris was dead. My immediate thought was died in a car accident. It wasn't that .My 18 year old boy died by suicide. Yes suicide. He never got the chance to graduate.

As I go through this life I will see small boys with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'd like to think this is a sign from my child. Also a sign which is hard to describe is a small white looking butterfly. It follows me around in the springtime as if to say I am here with you.

Meet Christopher- one of his favorite songs his friends told me."We'll all float on by Modest Mouse". Engraved on the bracelets along with his name.

Meet Christopher-Born may 10th 1990 at the Naval Hospital in Charleston SC. Died May 20th by suicide in Columbia SC